dark_kaomi (dark_kaomi) wrote,

Day 2 in the Adventures of Chicago

Today went much better. I got up on time, made it to the meeting point early and wasn't anywhere near as panicked as I was yesterday. My friend called to say she was going to be late because her car was frozen. After ten minutes we met up and off we went. For the next two hours we drove around the northern neighborhoods, her pointing out all of the apartments, shops, and hangout spots while I just sat back and tried to not be overwhelmed. I don't think I succeeded. This was followed by lunch and walking around to visit some of the more eccentric shops. Then we drove around downtown for two more hours where she pointed out more spots of interest and explaining bits of information I would need when I moved here. After a full five hours of touring we finally separated.

My final conclusions on the city are: this is going to take me months to explore and there is so much going on at all times. My head is spinning from just a small taste. My first few months are going to be terrifying. I'm thrilled to get started.
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