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And so the adventure begins

This weekend I am in Chicago for graduate school reasons. After a six hour drive I finally make it to the hotel. Halfway through dinner the fire alarm goes off. Confused, I look out into the hall to see what everyone else is doing. Some of the other occupants are doing the same. I decide to follow the instructions that have been instilled in us since kindergarten and grab my coat, wallet, phone and room key and head downstairs, avoiding the elevator. The people behind the desk say there is nothing wrong, only that the fire alarm went off. So I head back to my room. Not five minutes later I hear sirens from emergency vehicles. Looking out my window, which faces the parking lot, I see a fire truck, a cherry picker (a truck with a raisable bucket attached) and two ambulances. Then, looking out into the hall I see two or three firemen. Well, I grab my stuff again and ask one of the firemen if I should go downstairs. He says, "That might be best." 

In the lobby again and there's only about five or six of us total. Either the hotel is really empty or most of the people decided to stay in their rooms. I occupy my time with my Droid phone and just kind of observe everyone around me. One man comes downstairs yelling at the two behind the counter, saying he had been told everything was all clear and then he was forced out of his room by the firemen. All I can think is, "Dude, getting upset won't help. They're just trying to look out for you." I think he even asked for a refund.

After about ten minutes, four of the firemen converge in the lobby. First thing I notice? None of them are over 35 years old. This struck me as weird but whatever. Turns out a false alarm had happened before; a water pipe had burst in the attic setting off the alarm. On the way out of the hotel one of the fireman stops and says "That tree is so cool," referring to the Christmas tree by the door. Only reason I put that in is because it just didn't seem to fit with the whole scene.

And that's how my weekend started off. How is yours?
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