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Today has been a long ass day. Started off fine, pretty boring. Then I get a call from one of my housemates. She had left to take her sister onto campus for a wrestling thing and on her way back wrecked my car. My car. Which I had trusted her to drive safely. See, she comes from a family with a lot of kids so she never really got the chance to drive. So, thinking I might help her out, I let her drive my car every know and then.

After getting the call, I get a ride from a friend to the accident and spend the next hour talking to my parents, talking to the cops, talking to my friends, explaining what happened, asking what I should do, figuring out who's paying what and how. Ugh, just a lot of stress. During the whole thing, I'm not that angry. Everyone else is more upset than I am. I know how much it hurts to cause the accident and how much it sucks to have everyone mad at you and besides, my friend is angry enough for the both of us. Stuff happens, no ones hurt, and my car looks okay, just a dent in the front driver's side. It's leaking lime green fluid but I'm assured that's just anti-freeze.

We get home, the car's taken to a body shop and her boyfriend is on the way who is also my best friend. He shows up and drives me to take a closer look at the damage. He knows cars better than I do. He takes a look around and tells me it's totalled. The front axles bent and he doesn't think it was anti-freeze that's leaking. Finally, all that pent up anger and emotion flood forward. I'm mad that I don't have a car. I need my car or at least a car and with how the economy is now I don't know if I'll be able to find a used car for cheap that runs well. I'm mad at myself for not driving. I'm kind of mad at her for not paying attention and pulling out in front of another car. But I can't really say anything because I've been trying to get her to calm down. Ugh, I just hope that the damage's isn't as bad as he said. I'll find out Monday, maybe. Please let my car be salvageable. I like my car.
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