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*clears throat* Okay. So. I've decided to start writing again. For real this time. I want to get better; I want to like what I write. I want to be a decent writer, so I'm going to try. I've posted my first short story on my fictionpress account. Yes, the site's not the greatest but I already had it and I want to get large exposure. I figure, the more people know about me, the more I'll feel pressured to actually do something, rather than just sit on my ass all day, being bored. As of right now, I am giving free reign to all who read my stories to tear it to shreds if they feel they must. This is not an open invite to flame, rather, it is a request to give strong critic. I have found I do better when I know what I am doing wrong. Though, please also tell me what I am doing right so my self-esteem doesn't disolve into vapor. I realize I am opening a gigantic can of worms but I don't care. I'll do what I must to make me work and if that means dragging myself into slaughter, so be it. Now, after all of that crap, here's the story.

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