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Wedding Bells

Today was a day for adventure. I was a bride's maid for one of my friend's wedding, my first time as such. I was told to be at the club at eleven where both the wedding and the reception would take place. I left home at 20 after ten and make it to Wal-Mart at five till eleven. I hadn't bought a gift yet so I went in, grabbed a hand mixer, a gift bag, some tissue paper and left. I make it to the club place fifteen minutes late. Problem is, no one's there. I panic because my phone had died the night before and I had no idea where I was supposed to be.

I decide to drive to my friend's house to use their phone. Half way there I change my mind and drive to Wal-Mart to buy a car charger for my phone. I have no idea what happened to the one I already had. I run in, grab one and run out. I plug in my phone then plug in the charger. Nothing happens. Turns out the inside of the lighter heater thing had corroded and I couldn't get a connection. I'm close to panic when I think of my friend's house. I rush over there and knock on the door. No one's home.

I run to the garage door and use the key code. (Yes, I broke into my friend's house. I've done it before though usually it's leave stuff behind.) I run in and grab the phone from the kitchen. I take ten minutes to figure out how to use it only to realize it's dying. I set it back in the charger and run around the house trying to find another phone. There isn't one. (Only one phone?! My house has six! GAH!) I panic. Then idea! There two cars in the garage. I try the passenger side of one and it's locked. Luckily the driver's side was open. I ran to the car, grabbed charger and phone and ran back. I plugged it in, called my friend and finally made it to where I was supposed to be. Blech. I was an hour late.

Now on to the wedding. We start forty five minutes late due to delays and last minute decisions. No dress rehersal was ever made so everything happened on the fly. We get the music going, which was the delay the first time, and we start. Half way through the ceremony a cell phone goes off. It's the groom's. The entire room cracks up. Other than that, nothing goes wrong. The whole thing after the congratulations of the couple was haphazard and unorganized. Everything happened just not int he way it's supposed to. What a day.
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