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Burnanating the Countryside

Today the local fire department had a demonstration for our college. They brought in a to scale model of one of the dorm rooms all nicely set up with furniture, a computer, books, posters, pizza boxes and other flammables. A bunch of friends and I sat with a large crowd around the model to watch it go up. At 11:45 they began their monologue of the dangers of fire and what it could do. At 11:50 they failed to light the trash can aflame and had to borrow a lighter from the crowd. A firefighter who can't light a fire. Irony.

They got the can going and it slowly caught the dresser and curtains above it. Once the curtains caught, the bedspread went and the books on the shelves above. Every time something caught on fire my section of the audience clapped and yelled. My friend said the firefighters were looking in our direction in horror. Five minutes after the start the entire room was nothing but a ball of flames. Thick smoke was pouring from the face and the heat was so bad my face was burning.

They finally took a hose to it and it took three good shots to get the flames out. My friend next to me wasn't happy they put it out. He wanted everything as a pile of ash but it was too hot to let it get that far. Everything was black and charred and emo. The lamp in the corner had it's plastic covers melted to sludge. It was really cool looking. My friend said the lamp was post modern art. I said it was post-mortem art. 

tl;dr Fire is fun!
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